The Lipstick Factory


THE LIPSTICK FACTORYan all-Italian story, is a live journey showing the manufacturing process of how a deluxe lipstick is made. Come to discover the excellence of “Made-In-Italy” and be inspired by the Italian artisanship and manufacturing. 


The Lipstick Factory involves the participation of 3 Italian exhibitors who are leaders in their fields – the supply chain is completed by the most advanced technologies, expertise and unique process.

A fascinating experience to follow the development and production: from the meticulous search for raw materials and the process of mixing them together to the technological demonstration of pouring the mixture into the tube, from the special finish to the pouch-making machine and the lasering process.

The Lipstick Factory is open to visitors for the whole duration of the event. 



THE LIPSTICK FACTORY in 200sqm of exhibiting space  is located at  Hall 5 of AsiaWorld-Expo and it’s open to visitors during the show from 15-17 November.



  THE LIPSTICK FACTORY will produce 6,000pcs of special-edition lipstick in 4 new shapes and textures with unique concept and decorations.

  This limited edition of Cosmoprof Asia Lipstick will be available to visitors of AWE on first-come-first-served basis. 
All you have to do is to be our visitor and you can pick out this exclusive lipstick

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