Exhibit Space Options

Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre

    Product Sectors    Ready Stand (min.12sqm)    Raw Space (min.36sqm) 
Perfumery, Cosmetics 
and Toiletries


USD 638/sqm

USD 563/sqm 
Professional Beauty 
Salon Products
and Equipment 


USD 625/sqm 

USD 553/sqm 

Hair Products,
Equipment and
Salon Furnishings 


USD 618/sqm 

USD 548/sqm 


Nail Products and 


USD 618/sqm 

USD 548/sqm 

Option 1: Ready Stand (min. 12sqm)

          12sqm, 3m x 4m, One side open
(For reference only, not to scale)

3m x 4m Ready Stand Standard Items:
(For reference only, details to be confirmed)

1  x Foamboard fascia with company name and stand number
1  x Showcase (Fixed)
1000 x 500 x 2100mm(h) or 1150mm(h)
Lockable Tall or Table Showcase
4  x Shelving on 1 slat wall (Adjustable)
950 x 300mm(d) White Flat or Slope Shelving
1  x Table -White Table
2  x Chair - White Chair
5  x Spotlight - Arm spotlight             
1  x  Power socket (Fixed) - 13 Amp square pin socket
1  x  Waste Paper Basket
Carpet (Grey)

Wall Panel Laminate   Ready Stand Fascia    Ready Stand Carpet



White   Red - Pantone 7621C    Grey


Option 2: Raw Space (min. 36sqm)



Open sides surcharge: Additional 5% (2 open sides), 7.5% (3 open sides) and 10% (island site).

Additional items may be ordered using forms in the Online Exhibitor Manual. Exhibitors who wish to vary their stand layout from that illustrated above should consult AMC (Exhibits) Ltd, the Official Stand Contractor, for technical advice and quotation on any additional costs.

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