Cosmoprof Asia 2016 to Spotlight Healthy Hair Products

The first step to luscious locks is healthy hair. Find some of the latest break-through products showcased at Cosmoprof Asia 2016.

More than ever, salon professional and clients alike are aware that merely colouring and styling your hair is not enough. Beautiful hair is synonymous with healthy hair, urging them to seek out products capable of giving them the fashion-forward looks they crave while pampering and repairing aging, damaged, or over-processed locks.

And what better place to seek cutting-edge wet products, treatments, and tools than Cosmoprof Asia where there is a steadily growing number of exhibitors showcasing their latest launches in hair care treatments, styling products and tools in the Hair sector at Cosmoprof Asia 2016.

For example, when it comes to getting the latest glamorous waves and curls, the permanent that was have evolved into a proposal by Korean company ATS, who now offer salons the possibility of creating a bespoken perm recipe for any type of hair – whether damaged or healthy – with ATS MAX. This versatile product simplifies the rebonding of straight hair and setting perms, even for extremely damaged hair.



Then eventually follow up with TADA Company Black Crystal line, formulated to target the aging hair of 30 – 50-year-olds. Choose from two types – volume up and volume down – both of which contain 10 kinds of black extracts and 11 kinds of herbs to help moisturize hair damaged by aging. Both are gentle enough to be used immediately after colouring and perming hair.


Black Crystal by TADA

When it comes to styling, TADA Company’s Black Crystal onece again simplifies getting the look your client wants either in the salon or at home, with 9 Meuvle styling products to satisfy any request that might arise. Easy to use in convenient in aluminium tubes with one-touch caps, Meuvle is popular with men and women alike, also thanks to its delicious apple and jasmine unisex fragrance.


Meuvle by TADA

Salon professionals will also appreciate the cutting-edge arsenal of drying and styling tools being presented by top manufactures. Like the ATS WaveMaster – featuring such conveniences as precise temperature control by individualized sensors, pre-check against errors, and even an automatic cooling fan to help increase curl elasticity. And the digitalized system offers 4 pre-set modes that can be used to  ensure that the ideal temperature and time setting is being used to prevent damage.


ATS WaveMaster

Then stop by the BaByliss stand to try out the super-light, ultra-quiet, and high-speed BaByliss PRO Rapido7000. This beauty features the amazingly innovative brushless motor technology and advanced engineering developed in collaboration with iconic Italian automotive company Ferrari. The grand finale is a powerful tool guaranteed to give you exceptional blow-drying results in complete comfort, thanks to less weight and more manageability. And the best news is that this cutting-edge technology means that you can count on your BaByliss PRO Rapido7000 being around five times longer than your regular dryer!


BaByliss PRO Rapido7000

Want to know more about trends like these? Come and check out at Cosmoprof Asia 2016!

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