Dong Business in the world’s most important markets: US, EU and Asia!

ICMAD with 3 sponsors

11 NOVEMBER | 16:00 – 16:45
Spot on Beauty Forum, Convention Hall (Level 1)

Pam Busiek, President & CEO, ICMAD
Sharon Blinkoff, Counsel, Locke Lord LLP
Ed Glynn, Partner, Locke Lord LLP

Sharon Blinkoff, General Counsel of ICMAD and counsel to the International law firm of Locke Lord will be joined by Pam Busiek President of ICMAD, and a Intellectual Property counsel from the Locke Lord Hong Kong office to discuss the challenges cosmetic marketers face when entering new markets. The focus of the presentation will be on the U.S. E.U. and the largest Asian markets.

The focus of the presentation will be on developing strategies to overcome the challenges of entering these major cosmetic markets with check lists on the basics how to’s securing International Intellectual Property Protection for your Trademarks, industrial designs, Copyrights and Domain Names, planning for regulatory compliance and identifying the general legal and business considerations in selecting the right distribution alternatives. To be discussed are real life examples of some of the problems marketers have faced when they don’t follow the right strategy, and what can go right and what can go wrong. As part of these practical entry strategies we will discuss the how to’s of selecting consultants and advisors in each of these major jurisdictions that can set you on the path for successful market entry. We will also discuss strategies for securing formulas and packaging that will comply with all major market considerations and identify specific products for which this is not possible.

Beyond discussing high level strategies, the experts will provide an in depth review of topical legal and regulatory requirements for marketing cosmetics, drugs and devices in the U.S. and the EU , as well as a review of certain topical issues in advertising, privacy and utilization of social media and the legal challenges that these various medium present. The experts will also discuss various forms of distribution in the US, the EU and Asia and the challenges and opportunities they afford.

The experts will also review some of the recent regulatory changes in China and the issues that new advertising and medium of distribution have created. With the freedom of choice offered by the New Medium the notion of international trading barriers are being lifted. We all know and face the fact that consumers who have access to the internet can buy what they want when they want and from whomever they want regardless of the territorial restrictions that marketers may impose on participants in their distribution chain.
While the presentation will be focused on providing you with the information there will be time for your questions.

ICMAD is a US trade association dedicated to the cosmetic and personal care industry and the support and education of its entrepreneurial members. Its membership includes US and international members. ICMAD has designed a series of programs to support its members in in entering new markets with Webinars and collaborative third party service providers to support and help you grow your business.

Locke lord is an international law firm dedicated to helping its entrepreneurial clients survive and prosper no matter where they want to do business.

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