Eco-Innovations in Cosmetic Packaging

The impact of product packaging on the environment is real and grim. The beauty industry, with its emphasis on aesthetics, has historically been a significant contributor of plastic wastes which can take up to 1000 years to decompose. Thankfully, all is not lost. A new generation of consumers and corporates are nourishing the growth of environmentally responsible packaging. Here are five companies exhibiting in Cosmoprof Asia 2018 that are driving the trend of eco-friendly packaging for a better tomorrow.

HCP Packaging Hong Kong Limited, an established compact manufacture, introduces the first Ecowood Compact in the world. The entire component of the compact, including the top plate, cover and base, are made entirely of ecowood composed of lignin (wood fibre), cellulose and vegetable waxes. This unique compact ages as natural wood and is able to resist up to 120 degrees. It is fully biodegradable, resulting in better footprint than other resin materials commonly used in the industry including recycled materials. Moroever, its production process has a lower energy consumption.

Do you know that rice bran, besides being a health food, can also play a part in saving the earth?  Bottemate (Taiwan) Inc, in its effort to reduce the use of plastic products, has come out with PLA Bottles with Rice Bran. The inner layer of the bottle is made from polyethylene (PE) while the outer layer is from rice bran and polylactic acid (PLA), giving the finished product a natural brownish colour akin to the colour of rice bran.

MYC Packaging Innovation puts a green twist to its classic market top-seller Pret Á Porter – a cosmetic packaging for compacted powder and poured formulation – by changing the basic material from acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) to the easily recyclable polypropylene (PP) sourced from bio-based origins for 30% of the product’s weight. The Pret Á Porter also features a twist-off plug that makes complete recycling of its parts come easy. Its smart design makes it easy to fill and quick to use as well.

For those looking for glass packaging, EcoJars by Bormioli Luigi is made from ultra-light glass with thickness less than half the weight of standard jars of equal capacity, thus reducing the environmental impact all along the supply chain, from raw materials used to manufacturing and transportation. Safety is a priority and the mechanical resistance of Ecojars has been validated according to the most demanding protocols for glass packaging. These elegant jars are customisable according to customer requirements – the cap can be coloured, and the jar decorated.

Meanwhile, Art Cosmetics presents the CL-Indulgent Emollient Lipstick – a 100% natural and vegan wood cylindrical lipstick with a minimalist design and click closure. The lipstick is created with a mixture of two natural waxes – bran wax and berry wax decrived from the Rhus Vemiciflua berry fruit peel to act as an emollient, as well as noursihing and smoothing agent. A blend of natual oils including argan oil, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil and castor seed oil, as well as shea butter increase its emolliency and provide a luminous finish and cushiony sensation to the lips. Meanwhile, selected pigments provide medium coverage with great colour brilliance. A wide range of customisation options and refilling mechanism are avaialble in line with its eco and sustainable concept.

Last but not least, the Bold Neutrals Brushes by Pennelli Faro Srl is a combination of quality, personality and sustainable beauty. These made-in-Italy brushes are produced using the company’s patented and advanced Dermocura® fibre.  Ecological, ethical and free from animal products, Dermocura® is superior than natural hair and last generation synthetic yarns. Cosmetic products adhere easily to the fibres and spread evenly on the skin. Dermocura® is also available in a variety of full tones and gradient natural shades, so you can pick the colour from a palette just like you do with makeup, coordinating the colour of the hair with the ferrule and the handle. With the Bold Neutrals Brushes, beauty, pleasure of application and performance come together to create results like never before.

There is no better place to experience beauty eco-innovations first-hand than Cosmoprof Asia. Join us at AsiaWorld-Expo from 13 to 15 November, and the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre from 14 to16 November! For more info, log on to

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