Elie Papiernik talks about the LIGHT POWDER PROJECT at Cosmoprof Asia 2017

The Light Powder factory-horz

Can you explain in brief the project THE LIGHT POWDER FACTORY and THE LIGHT POWDER EXPERIENCE?
The LIGHT POWDER project is a complete and ambitious experience about light and beauty, that is made to showcase our expertise and those of our partners from design to production and packing.

The Light Powder Factory at AsiaWorld-Expo is like a real makeup factory that shows how a highlighting powder is made. The Light Powder Experience at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre invites visitors to discover the beauty of light through interactive experiences. For both venues, visitors can retrieve a highlighting powder (single compact at AWE / palette at HKCEC)

What is the role of Centdegrés in this project?
As a brand intelligence and design firm, our role has to be for Cosmoprof Asia and Cosmopack Asia a creative force. We are a strategic partner of Cosmoprof Asia for several years and this year we wanted to speak about beauty in a different way. When it comes to beauty, women get used to correcting, hide, conceal… The LIGHT POWDER PROJECT is way more positive and inspiring. It is about highlighting each woman beauty, illuminating it, not hiding it.

We managed to create the concept and the story of this project, we designed the highlighting powder and the palette packaging, we have also created the whole light powder experience.

How you connect the two concepts across the two venues?
It is actually one and unique concept. A concept that puts light on each women beauty. The reasons why we have 2 venues is because we wanted to showcase different kind of expertise from design, powder manufacturing, packaging production, to machines etc… It is a 360 degrees project that needs space. Through a visible signage and a lot of communication, we invite visitors to fully experience the project by visiting the 2 venues.

Why “Light Powder” was picked as the main actor this time?

Highlighting is a growing trend in the make up industry for several years now. We thought this trend could be a great opportunity to speak about beauty in a positive manner as a way to claim any kind of beauty even the singular ones.

This project is co-created with a number of industry leaders in packaging and manufacturing. How do you feel like working with them?
As a design agency, it’s always interesting to brainstorm and join forces with the main actors of the beauty industry (bulk / manufacturer / packaging suppliers) to create a meaningful story and experience. Together, we make our ideas come true.

How do you want the project make visitors feel?

We want visitors to have fun, to be surprised, to have pleasure. We want them to express themselves about the experience, to share their thoughts. If they love, we are happy. If they hate, we are interested to know why.

What kind of attendees do you want to attract by this two campaigns?

All kind of attendees. Cosmoprof Asia is a great opportunity for us to collect people inputs about the experiences we design. It’s like a giant experience laboratory and we are curious to know every people thoughts.

palette poudrier fond clair
Follow this journey to light up your beauty! Bring home the exclusive Highlighting Powder and Palette at: 
Light Powder Factory – Booth 6-H17 (AsiaWorld-Expo), 14-16 November
Light Powder Experience– Booth 3F-H1A (Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre), 15-17 November

Ellie Papiernik

Ellie Papiernik, CEO/Founder of  Centdegres

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