Emerging Beauty at Cosmoprof Asia 2016

Every year new products hit our shelves – and some of them are truly going above and beyond when it comes to research and development, ingredients and technology. This year’s Emerging Beauty section (Hall 5C & 5E) at Cosmoprof Asia has collated region’s most exciting new products from 144 companies, all SMEs or first time exhibitors from across all sectors. Here are some highlights to get your beauty taste buds watering.

Stell Cells 

Still a draw when it comes to beauty, and these little beauties are used in a few brands in the Emerging Beauty hall. Ginza Rosso Co’s REVI MOIST CREAM from Japan not only crams over 300 natural enzymes into their product but also the stem cells of three rare plants, in order to optimise skin moisturization and firmness.
(Booth 5C-E2G) Ginza_Rosso_Co_Ltd_5CE2G_20160916192919466

In addition, Ella Cosmetic Co from Korea introduces Jasna Natural Plant Cell Pearl Ampoule Kit. The cute little ampoules promise numerous effects on the skin like whitening, moisturizing, cleansing and elasticizing by harnessing vegetable stem cells as well as pearl and cabbage (very exotic) extracts.
(Booth 5C-J1F)


Surely neighhhh…

When I read about the horse oil used in Coroku Co’s White Snow Fairy Face mask, lotion, soap and lip cream, I did a double take. Horse oil is big in Korea and has now spread to Japan. If you haven’t come across it before apparently horse sebum is similar in structure to human fatty acid and therefore penetrates the skin very efficiently while being highly moisturizing, helping elasticity and radiance.
(Booth 5C-E2L)

White Snow Fairy Face mask, Lotion,soap, Lip cream

Then I read about KAEI Co’s Gabaiyoka Horse Essence – so horse extracts are a new innovation in beauty for humans, beyond the natural high you get galloping through the countryside.
(Booth 5C-F1H)


Tweet, tweet…

From beauty nation Korea, the MIMIANG 2Step Swallow’s Nest Water Glow Mask uses the edible beauty product topically to help hydrate and rejuvenate tired skin.
(Booth 5C-K2A)CnM_Continental_Inc._CA2016-16674_2

Coconuts star again…

Is there no end to the use of the mighty coconut? Korean company JC People will be featuring it in their When Lemonade and When Milky Way face masks. But not in the serum, in fact the When Milky Way mask uses a natural bio-cellulose mask sheet, and yes, you guessed it, it’s made of coconut.
(Booth 5C-J2E)JC_People_Co_Ltd_5CJ2E_20160919181023856

Spray and go…

You thought Wash and Go was good? Try spray and go with PL Cosmetics’ Kerastin Pink Musk Hair Treatment. No need to juggle bottles or tubes in the shower, just spray it on for tangle-free, silky tresses ready for the day ahead.
(Booth 5C-J1E)PL_Cosmetics_CoLtd_5CJ1E_20160926095928257

All that glitters…

For the latest in toothpaste, try VVKorea’s 3R Whitening Gold Toothpaste, which marries the dark cleansing goodness of charcoal and the shiny properties of gold. Say cheese! (Booth 5C-H2H)VVKOREA_Co_Ltd_5CH2H_20160907170731138


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