Green is the New Black

Today, consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the impact of their makeup and personal care products not only on their skin but on the environment as well. This leads to an increasing demand for natural, organic products produced with sustainability in mind. This year in Cosmoprof Asia, we are seeing a surge of exhibitors, totalling over 120, in the Natural & Organic Zone which was unveiled last year. Below are some interesting products to whet your appetite.

Éminence Organic Skin Care presented by DJ Company Limited, Hong Kong, is a series of natural, organic and Biodynamic® products created through sustainable farming practices since 1958. Made without any severe heating or hydrogenating processes, the products contain vitamins captured in their all-natural fresh base and are made with mineral-rich hot spring lake water to impart your skin with the regenerative and healing power of nature.

Meanwhile, Australia’s Green Olive at Red Hill brings you their signature product – The Olive Balm, which works to heal, protect and moisturise the skin on all areas including the lips, face, cuticles, hands, elbows and heels. This multifunction product is made using only 8 natural ingredients – antioxidants-rich extra virgin olive oil and soybean oil, anti-inflammatory castor oil and calendula flower oil, moisturising beeswax and the combination of vitamin E, centella leaf extract and calendula which brightens skin and fights premature ageing.


Provide your baby with tender loving care with Lovekins Baby Body Moisturiser by Australian Skincare. This product is made from organic Australian superfoods Kakadu Plum, which contains more than 100 times the vitamin C in oranges, and native wild peach Quandong to gently hydrate and care for baby’s delicate skin.


Another notable product from down under is the Exq-Pro Collagen Complex by Te Mana Skincare New Zealand, which utilises powerful, clinically proven botanicals from clean and pure New Zealand wilderness to support the skin’s regenerative process and collagen production. Some of its exotic ingredients are: marine peptides-rich New Zealand Red Seaweed, detoxifying and moisture-retaining Green Algae, and the world’s best natural filler and plumper – Mamaku Black Fern. The product gives you the benefits of a serum, moisturiser and primer all at once.


From Solvenia is MAGIC by Essentiq Ltd, which harnesses the power of plant stem cells for non-invasive facial rejuvenation. This skincare range includes facial serum, moisturiser and different creams formulated with natural, organic ingredients and without any controversial preservatives (parabens, phenoxyethanol or formaldehyde sources), synthetic colorants, mineral oil and silicones. The use of innovative airless jars preserves its product quality.


Pestle & Mortar’s (Ireland) Pure Hyaluronic Serum is the ultimate multitasker for your skin. Lightweight and absorbent, this smooth concentrate instantly lightens fine lines and relieves dehydration and dullness. As we age, hyaluronic acid stores in the body deplete rapidly. Including this natural ingredient in your skincare routine will ensure that your skin stays plump, radiant and youthful.


Tired of chemical cleansers? Try the 100% natural Konjac Sponge by J-in Co Ltd, Korea. These biodegradable, environmentally friendly Konjac sponges are handmade using 100% food grade Konjac powder with clean water and no added preservatives, colourings or chemicals. The company also provides patented innovative ones like the Loofah Sprinkled and Anion Sponges. Konjac sponge is highly absorbent of water and oils and is an excellent way to cleanse your skin thoroughly and naturally.


Struggling with hunger pangs while dieting? Get hold of the Hanami Enzyme Drink by Tuei International Trade Co., Ltd, Japan, which harnesses the dieting power of Yeast Peptide DNF-10 to suppress appetite and block lipids absorption. A fermented beverage made by pickling vegetables, fruits, wild plants, seaweed, and other natural ingredients together for three years, Hanami gives you additional benefits including beautiful skin and increased immunity, vitality and metabolism.

A highlight in the Organic & Natural Zone this year is the first-ever Malaysian Halal Pavilion organised with the support of the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation (MATRADE) to showcase halal-certified Malaysian cosmetics to the international market. So for those who are looking for halal products, you would not want to miss this.

The above is just a handful of gems that you can find in the Natural & Organic Zone (Hall 3G, HKCEC) from 14 to 16 November 2018. To uncover more treasures, there is no better way than making a trip to the fair yourself!

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