Innovative Beauty Trends for Brands to Tap into India

The Indian beauty industry is changing rapidly with innovation happening across different product categories. Besides, the rise of social media and increasing disposable income has led to the growing awareness of skin health among Indian consumers.

This heightened awareness has led to an increase in demand for holistic skincare in India. Here, we look at three key global trends that companies and brands in India can take inspiration from to develop their innovation pipeline.

Addressing the issue of water scarcity with haircare
Mintel’s 2025 Global Beauty and Personal Care Trend ‘Water: The New Luxury’ explains that water is a dwindling resource that is set to become a precious commodity as consumption outstrips supply.

Water is driving innovation in the beauty and personal care market, and the development of waterless products, or those that use less water, is seeing a rise in popularity, especially in the haircare segment. Mintel research reveals that one in five Indian adults aged 18-34 have used dry shampoos; meanwhile, younger adults tend to be more experimental and open to newer formats.

Companies and brands in India can take cues from these sentiments and look at developing new products which can help in saving water.


Protecting the skin from modern day issues
A growing number of consumers are recognising the dangers of air pollution and are looking for ways to protect themselves. Mintel research reveals that almost half of Indian consumers agree that pollution impacts the appearance of facial skin.

This creates space for the beauty industry to step in with solutions to address the issue of pollution. Mintel predicts that there will be a vibrant market in the future thanks to a large number of new anti-pollution ingredients coming our way.

Furthermore, as ownership of digital devices in India increases, so too does consumers’ reliance on them, particularly smartphones and tablets. This has resulted in high ownership of digital devices and as a result, younger consumers being exposed to blue light daily. The massive exposure is said to accelerate pigmentation and add more fine lines and wrinkles.

As consumers become aware of the potential damage caused by exposure to blue light, younger generations will be driven to purchase products that offer additional protection against blue light. Brands have an opportunity to rewrite the traditional anti-ageing narrative and advocate a new set of pro-health skin solutions that centre on blue light protection.


Delivering creative format innovations
All over the world, there has recently been an increase in brands across the beauty and personal care industry innovating with new formats that increase the engagement and interaction levels with younger generations.

Format innovations are essential to extending any category to add an element of fun and engagement, and it is also pivotal that beauty brands cater to the on-the-go lifestyle needs of India’s emerging demographic segments. For example, facial cleansers that are available in stick formats allow for efficient and more targeted cleansing. They can be applied strategically onto problem areas of the body, require very little water to rinse, and are less likely to strip the skin of microflora. On-the-go formats have a multitude of benefits for travel; these include products that come in all sizes, are spill-proof, and finally, support an active lifestyle.

The fact that they support an active lifestyle aligns with Mintel’s 2017 Global Beauty and Personal Care Trend ‘Active Beauty’ which recognises how consumers are seeking products that fit in with their active lifestyles.

Apart from packaging and formats, innovation can also come from adding some fun elements to sunscreen products. For instance, US-based Bare Republic launched colourful sunscreen sticks which can be used in public sports activities like The Color Run—where runners are showered with coloured powder made of food-grade corn starch at stations along the run.



Source ASIAN BEAUTY BIZ: By Rimpie Panjwani, Senior Beauty and Personal Care Analyst, India, Mintel

Rimpie Panjwani specialises in analysing and providing insights on India’s beauty and personal care market. She has a Master’s Degree in Management, specialising in Marketing, and has over seven years of experience working in various roles across consumer research, claim substantiation and marketing in the beauty and personal care industry.

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