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CA=Cosmoprof Asia

CA: Please tell us briefly your company’s story on how it began and which beauty market sectors it serves?
The Christina Company emerged from the personal and professional experience of one esthetician – Christina Miriam Zehavi. Christina understood that there was a great market need for products that provide visible and measurable results. Intent on achieving her goal, she set out to develop and manufacture products that provide solutions for each and every skin need and condition.

Today, the results of Christina’s personal vision can be found all around the world. The Christina Company is considered a leader in professional cosmetics, and its products and treatments are available in over 55 countries worldwide, with distributors and business partners on every continent. Christina’s clientele includes top-class beauty salons, spa centers, clinics and estheticians. All enjoy the great variety of effective products and treatments that provide their customers excellent results from the very first application.

CA: What do you think are some of most interesting aspects of the particular beauty sector you serve today? What are the challenges?
As a global professional cosmetics brand, Christina’s main goal is to give its customers results they can see and feel. Christina’s wide range of effective treatments and products helps their customers to reach continual rise in volume and sales.

Today’s skincare and beauty industry looks to re-invent itself, in order to meet the needs and desires of every customer. In this context, Christina’s main challenge is to address each user’s unique personal needs. Tailoring a precisely focused treatment plan for each client, we never compromise on results and overall customer satisfaction!

Christina’s formula for success combines over 30 years of experience with a first class R&D department. This winning combination allows us to create product lines and treatments that deliver amazingly visible results and a custom-made response to every client’s needs and wishes.

CA: What makes your company’s products and services unique?
The Christina brand has 9 distinct product lines, comprising a total of over 350 products that target every skin care concern and condition. This extensive offering combines cosmeceutical efficacy and innovation with traditionally rich esthetic treatments and incredibly effective homecare –It Just Works!

Each of Christina’s treatments comes with a simple step-by-step protocol. By following this protocol, and using Christina’s exceptional products, skincare professionals are able to consistently deliver outstanding results and a pleasurable experience, thereby winning many loyal customers and increasing sales.

As a professional cosmetics brand, Christina’s commitment to its customers is ongoing. This dedication involves a full support system that includes in-depth workshops, educational tools, marketing support and sales assistance, all aimed at improving professional care. Christina also offers a wide-range of promotional and mar­keting materials: video tutorials, catalogues and manuals.

CA; Are there any particular products, new technologies, or ideas your company is planning on show casing at Cosmoprof Asia 2014?

Christina’s newest innovation, the Château de Beauté series, will be presented for the first time to the visitors of Cosmoprof Asia 2014. The pure benefits of wine and its supremely beneficial byproducts are translated into a cutting-edge product line, specially formulated to rejuvenate the skin and energize it from within, revealing its vital presence and beautiful glory.

chateau_de beaute product line(s)

Château de Beauté product line

Making a clear statement and heralding a new era in professional cosmetics, the Château de Beauté product line has been developed and produced ensuring  a complete and wholesome answer to specific clean cosmetics characteristics without comprising the effectiveness of its treatment or its noticeably impressive results.

All Château de Beauté products are:


In addition, the Château de Beauté series features the 3D Peptide Complex. This award-winning peptide formula addresses the skin’s aging process comprehensively, preserving its youthful appearance, and leaving it refined, glowing smooth and revitalized.

CA: What are the next steps of company development?

The launch of new product line, BioPhyto – The Beauty of Nature, is scheduled for  April 2015. Due to the huge demand for Christina’s BioPhyto products, we plan to upgrade them and create the new individualized BioPhyto product line, based upon the treasures of mother earth. Combining the purity of natural elements and minerals with the significant benefits of the latest scientific innovations, the BioPhyto series will bestow an ideal revitalizing, purifying and illuminating treatment, resulting in skin’s pristine clarity and beauty.

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