Interview with L’Erbolario: Natural Beauty Products from Italy

Please tell us briefly your company’s story on how it began and which beauty market sectors it serves?
was founded in 1978 by Franco Bergamaschi and his wife, Daniela Villa in Lodi, Italy. They started from a small shop, creating and selling handmade cosmetics derived from plants.

Today, 36 years after, L’Erbolario is leader in Italy for the production and the sale of Natural cosmetic products, and is distributed in 32 different countries all over the world.

As it was before, everything is rigorously carried out with undiminished passion in the production site  of Lodi: from formulation to manufacturing, from packaging to storage until the shipment of more than 600 products that make up the price list. The products are sold in Natural shops, Pharmacies, Perfumeries and in a network of  L’ERBOLARIO franchising stores.

What do you think are some of the most interesting aspects of the particular beauty sector you serve today? What are the challenges?
One of the most interesting aspects is that more and more people is persuing eco-friendly products, looking for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle, but with an increasing attention to the aesthetic beauty in all of its meanings. Our aim is to create effective and top quality natural cosmetic products, with respect to the nature, mankind and animals. Our challenge is to reach the satisfaction of our customers and we obtain this result combining tradition and innovation, offering every year unique, exclusive novelties created with the most modern technologies, taking example from the past and ancient recipes.

What makes your company’s products and services unique?
The investment in our R&D department led to the creation of a unique Extract Laboratory that give us the products exclusivity. The scientific rigour of the tests conducted at every stage of the product’s life cycle and the strict clinical trials guarantee their extremely high quality and the highest environmental compatibility.


Our 100% Made in Italy production gives us the possibility to check carefully the quality of our products and allow us to provide a product which contains the Made in Italy excellence in terms of style and quality of the product.

L’ERBOLARIO is  CERTIFIED GARANTY, during the years, the ethical and  scientific severity together with the constant research  of  the  utmost  environmental quality, have  allowed L’Erbolario to obtain important recognitions and  certifications.

Because at L’Erbolario we think that real beauty always has an ethical profile.

Are there any particular products, new technologies, or ideas your company is planning on showcasing at Cosmoprof Asia 2014?

A completely new line of products for our assortment, innovative skin care products made of an exclusive and natural phytocomplex . Novelties designed specifically to meet the needs of the Asian market and follow a European trend increasingly important. We can’t say anything more, come to visit our stand and discover them!


What are the next steps of company development?
Continue to follow our mission and our value as done so far, and become ambassadors of Made in Italy increasing our presence in the foreign markets.

will make a blast at Cosmoprof Asia 2014. Visit them to feel the Made In Italy Excellence at booth No. 1E-J1A (Hall 1E) from 12-14 November. Register online by 17 October for Free admission! 

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