Interview with LPG Systems

Please tell us briefly your company’s story on how it began and which beauty market sectors it serves?
Almost 30 years ago, LPG launched the first natural, non-aggressive and non-invasive solution to help us all live in harmony with our bodies. Our patented technologies for connective tissue treatment continue to evolve and surprise us with their positive effects on both health and beauty.

This success story is the source of our passion, which we share with all the professionals who have joined us. Thanks to our efforts, more than 200,000 people reap the benefits of LPG techniques each and every day.

Today LPG serves many actors of the beauty market, of course beauty salons, spas, perfumeries, and hair salons, but also medical aesthetics practices. LPG‘s visionary philosophy has proven to be increasingly topical, with the ever-growing demand for more responsible and efficient ways to preserve our beauty and enhance our health.

What do you think are some of most interesting aspects of the particular beauty sector you serve today? What are the challenges?

The beauty market, where competition between all the actors is ruthless, now faces a new challenge. Customers, with less time on their hands, are now seeking effective, fast, on the go and “no appointment needed” treatments. LPG technology enables centers to provide customers with 100% natural high value added slimming and anti-aging treatments, in total respect of their skin.

What makes your company’s products and services unique?

Because we work hard to back our claims, the effectiveness of LPG technology is proven by more than 128 scientific studies. Furthermore, our treatment heads are patented with the “Motorized Pulsating Flaps” patent for the face and the “Independent Motorized Rollers” for the body. All this makes our “Made in France” technology unique.

Are there any particular new technologies, or ideas your company is planning on showcasing at Cosmoprof Asia 2014?

We will of course be presenting our full product range on Cosmoprof Asia 2014. However, we will be focusing on our latest technical innovations, New Face Endermologie® and New Body Endermologie®. These LPG techniques provide 100% natural cell stimulation that can be customized to suit the specific needs of each individual customer whilst providing unprecedented targeted slimming and anti-aging results.

What are the next steps of company development?

We are constantly looking for new partners to expand our distributor network and to reinforce our subsidiary presence (Benelux, Italy, UK). Extensive research and development is currently underway to ensure LPG’s technological leadership. It will provide us with new product launches for the coming years. Rest assured the best is still to come!

Present in more than 110 countries, LPG is the world leader in cellular stimulation with the CELLU M6 with its exclusive and 100% natural slimming and anti-aging technology (LPG patents). Visit their stand (no.3E-J2A) at Cosmoprof Asia 2014 to learn more !

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