K-Nail Artists at Cosmoprof Asia 2014

Korea spotlights the International Nail Days at Cosmoprof Asia 2014. Famous nail artists Park Na Yeong & Kim Kyoung Ha will be there to unveil the latest in nail art from Korea on 12 November. NAILHOLIC magazine chats to them about the up-and-coming of nail design and what to expect.


(Park: Park Na Yeong, Kim: Kim Kyoung Ha)

What’s your most popular design in Korea?
Park: Double French, Leopard Ribbon, and Nude Pink Art with Parts
Kim: I remember two designs. One of them is “See-through Art” featuring rose motifs with black color gel. And the other one is “Edge-embossed Art” featuring parts of characters such as ears and bows on free-edge.

What’s your prediction on nail designs and tools will be hot in 2015 S/S season?

Park: Next year’s nail art will be more simplified than before but decorative parts will be popular for bold accent. Also ‘Layered Art’ hinted from scarf designs using brush techniques will be popular.
Kim: Timeless floral design will be hot and it will look younger than before to complete lovely girlish look.

Do you have a particular art that you want to introduce during COSMOPROF ASIA 2014?
Park: I’d like to introduce a fully-set design using simple patterns and parts that are most popular among K-Pop stars.

12.Park_nailartKim: I’d like to share high-leveled nail designs with original artistic sensibility in Korean way.

What did it make you become a nail artist? Do you have influential mentor?

Park: I don’t remember who but I’ve seen a nail design hinted from sweet desserts about 20 years ago. I instantly fell in love with the design then searched nail salons to wear it. But none of them didn’t offer the design I wanted. So I decided to learn nail art by myself. I’ve always wanted to become a nail artist like Ms. Eriko Kurosaki who has a strong foundation in nail ever since I’ve entered in nail industry.
Kim: I’ve worked as a makeup artist about 15 years ago and majorly did bridal makeup. But there was no such thing called ‘bridal nail’ back then. I wanted to create bridal nail designs for brides who wanted to make their wedding day most memorable. At that time, I was inspired by acrylic 3D flowers and designed various bridal nails based on acrylic flowers which naturally led me into nail industry.

What aspects do you want to appeal to audiences on K-Nail through the event?
Park: K-Nail features delicate and decorative designs and mix-a-match arts these days. I’d like to introduce efficient designs that will increase value of the art and decrease service time.
Kim: K-Nail is high-leveled and very detailed. I’d appeal the uniqueness of K-Nail compare to other country’s designs and share original Korean way of nail art with global nail people. Hope they enjoy K-Nail!

Follow Park and Kim at the Grand Hall Main Stage on 12 November at 4pm. It’s free for admission. Don’t miss out!  

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