Korean Wave – What’s Hot?

Over recent years, the “Korean Wave” has become a big global issue through a number of Korean films, dramas and K-pop hits. Under the influence of the Korean Wave, demands for “original Korean nail art,” more popularly known today as “K-Nail”, have also been rapidly increasing, as many Korean nail artists nowadays have developed their own styles of K-Nail. In the past, Korean nail art was mostly inspired by Japanese-style nail art. However, K-Nail has steadily developed its own unique style, remarkably over the past three to four years. “Made in Korea” nail products are gaining popularity with their outstanding quality and this explains why currently nail artists in Korea don’t have to rely on international brands or styles anymore.

Meanwhile, K-Nail styles are advancing along with global nail trends. As trends in nail texture are hot in the global fashion industry, many experiments on nail texture have often been seen in K-Nail. For example, K-Nail for the Spring/Summer 2014 season is dominated by watercolour techniques hinted from Japan’s “tarashikomi” (“dripping in”) art and “wani” (“crocodile”) art, graphic nail art using filing techniques, transparent or see-through art, and 3D gel art made of sculpture gels.

Moreover, K-nail features men’s nail art as well. Popular male singers wear unique nail art (not the typical men’s nail in black and gothic style) that has become an important keyword in K-Nail as well. In other words, K-Nail features plenty of inspirations from original Korean fashion, beauty, and culture. At the same time it differs from the ones made of limited nail art elements and typical styles. K-Nail is currently loved worldwide.


The popular K-Drama, “My Love from the Star”, created a unique phenomenon on the Korean food culture. It showed eat-at-home chicken and beer (“Chi-Mac” in Korean), which also became an inspiration for nail art in Korea.


Singer Lee Hong Gi wears unique nail art styles all the time. Sometimes he even designs his nail art by himself, as his nail art has become a big issue amongst nail people worldwide.


3D sculpted gel art inspired by women’s high heels. The flat surface of a nail is transformed into the back of high-heel shoes.

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By Nailholic Magazine (Korea)

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