SKINTONIC at Cosmoprof Asia 2018

The “SKINTONIC” is an integrated project across the two exhibition venues, giving visitors the full experience from the production to the retailing of “SKINTONIC”. “The “SKINTONIC – the Factory” at AWE shows the production of a unique anti-aging, lifting deluxe serum. “SKINTONIC – The Shop” at HKCEC is a concept store featuring the futuristic elements of augmented reality (AR), which is a brand-new packaging approach to beauty products.

The Project was made possible thanks to the manufacturing expertise of Citus Kalix– a Coesia Company (France) for the machinery and equipment, Homer Printing (China) for the deluxe folding cardboard box, LTU-Tech (France) for the image recognition app, Pinkfrogs Cosmetics (Italy) for the formulation, and Quadpack (Spain) for its innovative packaging solutions and Centdegrés for the artistic direction and design of the project.

Let’s take a look at the preview trailer of this SKINTONIC project!



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