Sustainable Packaging – The New Black in the Beauty Industry

Beauty consumers today are not only aware of what they apply on their skin, but how their buying actions impact the environment as well. Due to this, more and more companies in the beauty industry are searching for sustainable packaging solutions to align their brand with consumer expectations. Small enterprises and large multinational companies alike are looking for eco-friendly primary packaging components for their new projects. Currently, ease of recycling, reduction, reuse, incorporation of post-consumer materials, lowering of carbon footprints and the likes are the biggest trends in packaging solutions, evident in the offerings described below, all of which you can find in Cosmoprof Asia 2019.

“vertTENTATION” Mascara Line by Geka GmbH (Booth no. 3-D10)

The “vertTENTATION” Mascara Line by Geka GmbH (Germany) is a huge step into sustainable packaging for the cosmetics industry. This mascara range comes in packaging made of 100% PCR-PET material that is suitable for food-contact produced out of post-consumer PET-A bottle scraps. The caps are made of 100% PCR-PP derived from post-consumer PP scraps such as yoghurt cups or detergent bottles. Meanwhile, the mascara brushes are made of bio-based fibers of GEKA`s greenLINE fiber, that is consisting of 100% renewable raw materials derived from the castor oil plant. The line consists of 3 mascaras: one for lengthening, another to create lash definition and another for volume – all made with GEKA’s vegan mascara formula which is free of parabens, allergens and black carbon. The mascaras also come in a chic and eco-friendly makeup bag made from cork and canvas.

Innerbottle by INNERBOTTLE Inc. (Booth no. 3-B21)

Innerbottle, a South Korean initiative, is set to reduce plastic wastes generated from cosmetics containers. Unlike the conventional pump bottle which is difficult to recycle due to residual content when discarded, Innerbottle contains a special silicone balloon-like insert that stores liquids, ensuring that the outer shell is clean and ready for recycling. This innovative system leaves less than 2% of residue behind while a conventional pump container typically leave a third of product behind. The highly elastic silicone pouch allows for full use of the contents and can be safe safely incinerated or recycled into silicone oil. The Innerbottle solution can be applied to any size and shapes of containers.

International Cosmetic Suppliers Ltd. (Booth no. 3-D17)

Unlike conventional pump vessels, International Cosmetic Suppliers Ltd. (Taiwan) presents the new and exclusive BioForm, which is 100% biodegradable, 100% compostable and 100% made from natural plant-derived material. This innovative and versatile material can be used for custom injected primary packaging as well as custom injected packing materials such as carton dividers and layer trays. Placed in the ground, BioForm will biodegrade within two months, leaving zero residue. It is available in a variety of colours, is ideal for dry formulations, and can be decorated with embossed or debossed designs.

PGL Perfume Design Cluster by Piramal Glass Private Limited (Booth no. 6-F14)

Even perfume bottles can be eco-friendly while retaining their glamourous look. The PGL Perfume Design Cluster by Piramal Glass Private Limited (India) is produced through an integrated glass-manufacturing process that reduces energy usage, cuts carbon emissions, and increases the amount of recycled glass. The company strongly believes in designing, manufacturing, and promoting the most sustainable and trusted packaging solution through high quality “Glass Packaging.” To ensure best quality for recycling, the company uses the most-advanced high-speed, optical camera-based cullet-sorting equipment.

3-piece Airtight Refillable Jar by Toly Group (Booth no. 3-D07)

Meanwhile, the 3-piece Airtight Refillable Jar by Toly Group (Malta) effectively reduces its environmental impact with a refill system that extends the life of the main jar body.  Available in sizes of 30ml and 50ml, this jar has a hinged flapper which provides an airtight seal, as well as a new case for its refills, allowing brands to sell the refills on their own. The user simply needs to pull the refill pack open and click it into the refillable jar. Both the refill and carrier are mono-material items made out of PP, which is easier to recycle due to easily accessible recycling streams.

Paper Point Neck by Yonwoo Co., Ltd. (Booth no. 3-B06)

With a pump and flocked tip applicator, the Paper Point Neck by Yonwoo Co., Ltd. (Korea) provides different methods of use for consumers. A quantitative dosage can be extracted with the pump, while the applicator allows consumers to retrieve a little amount of the content and apply it on their skin directly for makeup correction. The packaging’s multiple functionality provides consumers with convenience and portability.

“This is my second life” by Brivaplast S.r.l. (Booth no. 3-D02)

Brivaplast S.r.l. (Italy) does exactly what its name implies – providing a second life to materials that were previously used once, then disposed of. It comes with a wooden cap, and is made from post-consumer recycled resins and post-industrial ones. The line is made for retail and travel packaging of mascaras, eyebrow colours and liquid lipsticks.

KORE-PET Series by Euro Cosmetic Asia Group (Booth no. 3-D21)

Targeting high recyclability and low environmental impact, Euro Cosmetic Asia Group (Taiwan) has developed the KORE-PET Series, a brand-new packaging adopting the Kore pump system. The Kore pump is made of PP and is free from POM (which releases formaldehyde when being burned), lubricant and glue. It also comes with a metal spring set for ease of disassembly and recycling. Meanwhile, the airless bottle is made from PET. PET contributes to better eco-balance as it can be recycled and reused for the production of fibres or filling materials.

Reading about these innovative packaging solutions are simply not enough. You just have to visit Cosmoprof Asia 2019, happening on 12-14 November 2019 at AsiaWorld-Expo, and 13-15 November 2019 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, to see and experience for yourself how insanely creative and stunning they really are. In fact, many more amazing designs and offerings await you! Register now to secure your entry to the fair.



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