The Inevitable J-Beauty Comeback

In recent years, K-Beauty has taken the global cosmetics industry by storm with everything-product, original packaging and use of unconventional ingredients. However, today Japanese brands are increasingly gaining momentum in securing a larger market presence globally, set apart by quality ingredients and a rich history of cosmetic innovation. Indeed, if preventive skincare that utilises simple routines for cleaning and nourishing your skin to achieve a porcelain-like complexion sounds great to you, then look no further than Cosmoprof Asia 2019, where you can expect to find a huge array of the best made-in-Japan products from all sectors of beauty. Here are 10 of them taking centre stage.

AXXZIA Inc. – Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet

Your eyes are the window to your soul. To care for the delicate skin of your eyes, AXXZIA Inc. offers the Beauty Eyes Essence Sheet which is rich in powerful essences that are able to penetrate the skin instantly for intensive repair. Its key ingredient, Euphrasia rostkoviana extract, has been used to treat disorders of the eyes and gastrointestinal tract. Its nonwoven cotton sheet is only 0.3mm thin, leaving no gap in between the skin and the sheet to provide excellent adhesion and serum retention.

D-UP Corporation – ORISHIKI Eyelid Skin Film

Have you always longed for the perfect double eyelids? With the ORISHIKI Eyelid Skin Film by D-UP Corporation, anyone can have beautiful double eyelids, even those with monolid eyes or droopy eyelids. Simply apply the product on your eyelids and let dry. The ORISHIKI liquid transforms into a synthetic skin film when dried and folds into the eyelid, creating the appearance of well-defined double eyelids that look completely natural.

Wellness Japan Co., Ltd. – Miche Bloomin’ NO.03 Pure Sweet

It’s undeniable that lush lashes make the eyes wider and more alluring. For those who are looking for natural-looking yet gorgeous lashes, Miche Bloomin’ NO.03 Pure Sweet by Wellness Japan Co., Ltd. is the definite answer. Meticulously made with high quality hair, these false eyelashes merge perfectly with the eyes upon application for a sexier, come-hither look.

Takara Belmont Corporation – Yume Suite

Hair salon owners, rejoice. Takara Belmont Corporation’s Yume Suite, a new item in the Yume series, is set to boost your business by making your customers feel so comfortable that they may never want to leave. This high-quality, totally full-flat bed comes with an upgraded seat and lumbar cushion that gently enfold the body, keeping your customers comfortable even for long periods and making their session a truly enjoyable one.

Hokusai International Co., Ltd – DiNa

Another notable salon-exclusive product is DiNa by Hokusai International Co., Ltd, a modern facial machine which delivers active ingredients deep into the skin through the use of high air pressure.  It works by nano-encapsulating the active ingredients of skincare products, transforming them into a nano-mist that penetrates easily into the skin to create a fresh, firm and radiant complexion. The machine is easy to operate while the procedure is non-invasive and pain-free.

Dr. Jr. – Tokio Inkarami

Say goodbye to bad hair days with Dr. Jr.’s Tokio Inkarami, arguably the best professional hair care and treatment system in Japan, attested by the immense support from famous stylists and high-end salons. The reason for its popularity lies in its amazing ability to recover hair’s strength, softness and lustre, thanks to its patented technology “INKARAMI” (aggregation of hair bond) that seals up hair cuticles by replenishing lost Cell Membrane Complex (CMC), thus restoring damaged hair to its healthy condition.

Human Resource Communications Ltd. – Nursery Cleansing Gel Yuzu (180 mL)

Our skin is the largest organ in our body. With the Nursery Cleansing Gel Yuzu (180 mL) by Human Resource Communications Ltd., you can keep your skin clean and healthy on a daily basis. This cleansing gel – the bestseller of all Nursery products – is formulated to defend sensitive skin against changes in weather, climate and seasons with Yuzu, a citrus fruit which has a long history of use in traditional Japanese medicine. Other ingredients include peony extract, ginger, horsetail extract, collagen to keep skin firm and soft, and hyaluronic acid for youthful and supple skin. The product does not contain artificial colours or fragrances.

Suwada Blacksmith Works, Inc. – Suwada Nail Nipper Classic

As you tend to your skin, remember that your nails need some tender loving care as well. The Suwada Nail Nipper Classic by Suwada Blacksmith Works, Inc. is favoured by professionals at nail salons around the world due to its superb craftsmanship. All Suwada nail nippers are fully handcrafted, from forging to finishing processes, by expert craftspeople. The blades of Suwada nail nippers gently curved to fit the shape of nails and their edges are capable of cutting even ingrown nails.

CML Company Limited – CML CONOMII

To have a strong immune system, we need to have a healthy gut. But sometimes, our body may be lacking in digestive enzymes, which impairs digestion. CML CONOMII by CML Company Limited is an enzyme supplement comprising SNK lactic acid bacteria to improve the intestinal environment and immune symptoms of NK cells. Mulberry extract, which contains high concentrations of grain, helps to break down fat in food. It assists in the regulation of intestinal function and immune balance, which is essential for good health.


Last but not least, give yourself the passport to love and happiness with FITS Corporation’s LOVE PASSPORT IT, a 40ml EDP with fruity top notes of orange, pear, pink apple, blackcurrant, raspberry and strawberry; floral middle notes of jasmine, magnolia, peony and white rose; and base notes of musk, amber, sandalwood and crystal sugar, keeping you smelling as sweet as love itself.

Can’t wait to feast your eyes and lay your hands on more quality and innovative products from Japan? Be sure to visit Cosmopack Asia 2019 from 12 to 14 November 2019 at AsiaWorld-Expo (AWE), and Cosmoprof Asia 2019 from 13 to 15 November 2019 at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (HKCEC).

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