Cosmoprof Asia – trends 2014


New area in 2014: Spot On Beauty

When it came to trends being unveiled in this year’s Cosmoprof Asia, the place to look was Spot On Beauty. A new innovation for the show’s 19th edition, a mix of 146 brands beauty spa, nail, hair and cosmetics newly launched, or presenting new products, were gathered together.

Trend forecaster Michael Nolte of Beautystreams, a leading trend source for the beauty and packaging industries, said he was seeing more developments in trends like holistic beauty, mentioning “Indian company SoulTree using Ayurvedic inspirations, Japanese company Natural Health Standard’s beauty shakes and Australian company Canvas using aromatherapy.” While not new trends he feels the buzzwords holistic and aromatherapy, and philosophies like Ayurveda, are being pushed more aggressively this year.

SoulTree was one of the brands at Spot On Beauty, with the philosophy of targeting certified organic farms up in the Himalayas for ingredients that abide by Good Manufacturing Practices as awarded by India’s Department of Ayurveda. Their Ayurvedic hair and body products were attracting attention in particular.

In the same area bellabaci were harnessing Traditional Chinese Medicine influenced cupping via their silicone cup massage system for busting cellulite on the body or massaging the face, while URBANLab presented a Crocs-style range of masks with eye-catching design and packaging.

While the bigger brands were clustered in the main halls, Nolte also believes that the buzzword organic was going to infiltrate the luxury sector. “We believe there’s a growing interest in luxury organics. Consumers who are used to buying Chanel, Dior, Guerlain etc will be increasingly interested in finding real luxury products that are 100 percent natural and sustainable yet very effective and branded by their favourite labels.”


Qiriness’s Age-Defy Smoothing Cream

As the market for anti-aging products widens it includes Gen Y targeted brands like Qiriness and The Skin Whisperer, who are stepping up the biochemistry with products that remodel and stimulate the skin’s collagen and elastin. Epfora’s Space Bio Skin Care Solution and Reiz’s Biomatrix Resurfacing Solution impregnated with microneedles, upped the tech factors even more. And there was no shortage of high-tech homecare equipment like ShowYoung’s S350 iFace Skincare System.

Makeup trends focused on multi-functional products that alongside coverage and beauty include anti-ageing ingredients that help increase the moisturisation and hydration of the skin, with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals often added into the mix.


Multi-functioning applies to nail trends

Multi-functioning also applied to nail trends, Nolte saying many polish brands are introducing one-step solutions. “US company Dermelect proposes nail polish treating and embellishing nails at once, while the Chinese OEM company Lker Nail Factory proposes effective one step gel nail polishes that don’t require any topcoat.”

18.Boutique Box

BOUTIQUE’s luxury gift box sponsored by HCP

And finally, bringing a focus onto charity, 2014 launched the event’s first Sampling Bar sponsored by 13 exhibitors including Christina, Babyliss PRO, Giffarine and Tangle Angel. The hot pink and white box was sponsored by HCP Packaging Co. Ltd and all proceeds went to the Hong Kong Breast Cancer Foundation. This is a trend we very much hope to see being repeated in future Cosmoprof Asia events.

by Catharine Nicol
Freelance writer, editor, photographer

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