What’s New about Hair at Cosmoprof Asia 2018? 

The tried and true “One fair, two venues” formula once again promises success for Cosmoprof Asia-Hong Kong, featuring exhibitors of finished products ranging from cosmetics & toiletries, natural & organic, beauty salon, hair salon and nail and accessories.

Hong Kong is once again the hostess with the most-ess as Cosmoprof Asia-Hong Kong presents Cosmopack Asia at the Asia World Expo (13-15 November at Hong Kong International Airport, Lantau) and Cosmoprof Asia (Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre (14-16 November at 1 Expo Drive, Wanchai, Hong Kong).

Salon professionals will be especially interesting in the latter for an extraordinary global perspective on the latest breakthroughs and innovations in hair care as presented with new product launches in five sectors: Cosmetics & Toiletries, Beauty Salon, Hair Salon, Nail & Accessories, and the featured area on Natural & Organic products.

Given the number of exhibitors and things to see and do, Estetica is pinpointing a few great products you should be sure to check out as you browse the floor. Lately the biggest news tends to be hair colour and, with the change of seasons, hair care and hair loss prevention.

K05 REVITAE by  Kaaral S.r.l

With Made in Italy offering a guarantee of its own, K05 REVITAE by  Kaaral S.r.l  is an innovative energizing & thickening treatment to prepare and invigorate the scalp, stimulate follicle stem cells, awakens the dormant bulbs and promote hair density, favoring the beginning of new hair life. Revitae Treatment features two easy-to-use products: Shampoo and Lotion. Revitae Shampoo delicately cleanses the scalp and hair with an energizing, antibacterial action, to restore the integrity of the scalp, stimulate micro circulation, strengthen the hair, and renew elasticity. The antioxidant action fights free radicals and prevents the hair from aging. Revitae Lotion is a strengthening lotion that disinfects the scalp with an anti-inflammatory action. It also stimulates the hair follicle and stem cells, fostering the regeneration of the hair follicle and reinforcing the shaft to protect and strengthen particularly fragile and thin hair.

Actyvabio Shampoo Essenziale Ricco by Kemon S.p.A

Another product that helps reinforce hair at the scalp is Actyvabio Shampoo Essenziale Ricco by Kemon S.p.A., another brand name that is a guarantee in itself. This moisturising and softening gel shampoo promotes the residue removal action triggered by the micellar water. Thanks to the balanced blend of surfactants and to the soothing, antioxidant and emollient activity of Velian Complex, the massage will help to revitalise and invigorate the scalp. Not only does this shampoo contain Velian Complex, a Kemon patented blend or of plant extracts (anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antioxidant characteristics), but it is 95% of natural origins and 53% organic, with no SLES, SLS, silicones, sulphates, PEGs-PPGs, petrochemical-derived ingredients or GMO derivatives. So hair is bound to be shiny, manageable, and full of body.

Biomed Hairtherapy Fiber Repair Mask by SOCO S.p.A.

Always from Italy, SOCO S.p.A. presents Biomed Hairtherapy Fiber Repair Mask with organic Orange Plant Cell Water, Hydrolized Keratin, Vitamin E, aloe vera and Organic Argan Oil. This mask was formulated to rebuild and  moisturise brittle and chemically treated hair with noticeable results from the very  first application. Always aware of social responsibility and ecological issues, the packaging is also 100% recyclable.

Echosline Karbon 9 by Pettenon Cosmetics Spa

With a view to guaranteeing clients with intolerances, allergies, or simply a penchant for natural solutions, Echosline Karbon 9 by Pettenon Cosmetics Spa is a new vegan line of professional treatments and technical products that benefits from the beautifying and purifying properties of 100% botanical activated charcoal.The Detox and Purifying Treatments are designed to regenerate hair suffering from stress caused by aggressive external factors and weakened by traditional chemical treatments. The Technical Products are studied to perform quick and effective bleaching and blonde tonalization services, thus enhancing the hair’s apperance in complete safety. The latest addition to this range is Black Charcoal Crystal: a special oil for hair, enriched with 100% botanical activated charcoal, featuring particularly delicate protective and brightening properties.

Perfetti Hair Colour Powder by Artec Chemical

Always putting hair health first, Artec Chemical Co. Ltd is presenting their Perfetti Hair Colour Powder. Successfully overcoming technical obstacles, Perfetti have developed their own state-of-the-art technology to completely phase out perborate and replace it with a much healthy, environmentally friendly material in compliance with European Regulations. Great colour that is easy-to-use and safe for both you and your client.

SensiDO Trillion Tones by Rebecca Taylor

SensiDO Trillion Tones by Rebecca Taylor (Finland) is a hybrid color, not just a direct dye, demi or permanent, but all of the above. SensiDO Trillion Tones is a direct dye-based PPD-free hair dye that enables you to perform all types of colour services: from gray coverage, pastels, vibrant jewel tones, permanent lift/deposit on virgin hair, natural blonde, brunette and red shades… you name it! The SensiDO Trillion Tones concept is a compact color line that gives every hairdresser the ability to break traditional boundary fences.

COLOR US Color Wax by Studio Ma D.O.O.

For clients shunning commitment to a permanent colour service, there is COLOR US Color Wax by Studio Ma D.O.O. (Slovenia) makes it possible to colour hair without any damage for one day only. Just rinse out with one wash. She could be pink lady one day and silver princess the next. And the beauty of it is that hair is not damaged in the process this wax doesn’t penetrate the hair cuticle. This means a sports fan can brandish the team’s colours and the next day go to the office with her natural colour!

Henna Blossoms by Ming & Lee Hair Cosmetics Co., Ltd.

Argan Oil fans will love Henna Blossoms by Ming & Lee Hair Cosmetics Co., Ltd. (Hong Kong), who have developed Cellophane Color Treatment, a new #3loves formula that colours hair while keeping it healthy. Premixed HENNA color cream gives hair vivacious color and add luster to locks while nourishing them with Henna and Argan Oil. Obviously, the formula is ammonia-free!

After checking out these products and browsing the exhibition area, don’t miss ON HAIR, one of the spotlight events dedicated to the hair sector of Cosmoprof Asia. Live demonstrations and hair shows will be staged at different locations at HKCEC: Convention Hall, Theatre 2, Meeting Rooms S421, S426-7 and Cosmoprof Onstage. For more information: https://www.cosmoprof-asia.com/en-us/SPECIAL-EVENTS/ON-HAIR


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