When will Asia Meet its Natural Potential?

Asia is a growing economic powerhouse with its consumers having rising spending clout. Indeed, the region already comprises almost 30% of global cosmetic sales. Yet, the natural & organic cosmetics market remains tiny – accounting for less than 6% of international sales.


Amarjit Sahota speaks at Cosmoprof Asia

When will this sleeping giant awake, and realise its full potential? More importantly, what are the obstacles to market growth and how can they be overcome? These are some of the questions that will be addressed in Organic Monitor’s seminar at Cosmoprof Asia

A major obstacle in Asia is greenwashing, with many cosmetic brands making false natural & organic claims.

In Europe and North America, many brands differentiate their products from falsely labelled ones by adopting standards. In Asia, adoption rates are very low. A recent study by Organic Monitor on the Asian Market for Natural & Organic Cosmetics showed that less than 10% of Asian natural & organic cosmetic brands had adopted standards. Green symbols and logos are most evident on Western products in Asia.

Distribution is another big hurdle. Natural & organic cosmetic brands cannot use the same distribution outlets as they do in North America and Europe. Most are successful in natural food shops and organic food retailers, however few such chains exist in Asia; those that do specialise in food products.

In spite of the various challenges, Organic Monitor is optimistic about future growth. Awareness of health & environmental issues is rising in Asia, with a growing number of consumers seeking natural and organic products. China already has the largest market for organic foods in the region. For organic infant formula, it is leading the world. The question is: if or when, can it do the same for natural & organic cosmetics?

by Amarjit Sahota, President and Founder of Organic Monitor

Mr. Sahota will be sharing expert insights on the Asian Market for Natural & Organic Cosmetics at Cosmoprof Asia’s Spot On Beauty Forum. The seminar takes place at 2pm on Wednesday 11th November.

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