Ingredients & Lab

Hall 6, AWE
A new section grouping exhibitors of ingredients, fragrances, testing, lab equipment and regulatory solutions.




•   Pigment
•   Preservatives
•   Silicons 
•   Anti Oxidants 
•   Emulsifiers and Solubilizers 
•   Flavors 
•   Fragrances
•   UVI Filter 
•   Test and Analysis 
•   Regulatory
•   Lab furnitures
•   Lab equipment
•   Lab services
•   Product safety 
•   Digital solution providers
•   Software houses
•   Traceability

Exhibitor List(as of 19 October 2018):

  Company Name Stand Number Country

CoSeedBioPharm Co Ltd 5-A13 Korea

Eurofins Product Testing Hong Kong Limited 5-A28 Hong Kong

Guangzhou I'Pearl Flavor & Fragrance Co., Ltd 5-A20 China

Guangzhou Microcell Bio-Technology Co., Ltd 5-A14 China

Guangzhou Saida Chemical Co., Ltd 5-A21 China

Guangzhou Sheng Zhu Daily Pigments Co., Ltd 5-A11 China

Hangzhou Joy Technology Co.,Ltd 5-A25 China

Hangzhou Naran Technology Co., Ltd 5-A24 China

Hebei Oxen New Materials Co., Ltd 5-A26 China

Hunan Health-Guard Bio-Tech Inc. 5-A11a China

Kolortek Co., Ltd 5-A23 China

Opal Cosmetics (Hong Kong) Ltd 5-A09 Hong Kong

Pao-Yi (Taiwan) Cosmetics Co., Ltd 5-A19 Taiwan

Porex Corporation 5-A15 Malaysia

Rakesh Sandal Industries 5-A16 India

Shanghai Yipin Pigments Co., Ltd. 5-A22 China

Sunjin Beauty Science 5-A12 Korea

Wuxi Cossen Biological Technology Co.,Ltd 5-A07 China