Natural & Organic 

Hall 3G, HKCEC
A dedicated zone for green, eco-friendly companies to showcase finished beauty products and health & beauty supplements. 


•   Natural Skincare, Cosmetics and Personal Care Products
•   Skincare, Cosmetics and Personal Care Products with Organic Certification
•   Natural or Organic Home SPA Product
    (essential oil, fragrances, aromatherapy & massage products)

•   Nutraceuticals & Dietary Supplements
•   Detoxification & Beauty supplements
•   Natural/Organic Food & Beverages
•   Products & Services Conducive to Healthy Living


•   Cosmetic Products with Halal Certification


Exhibitor List (as of 31 October 2018):

Company Name Stand Number Country Website
001 Skincare London 3G-C1D UK
AF Manufacturing Services Sdn Bhd 3G-C3K Malaysia
Aishitoto Co., Ltd 3G-A2C1 Japan
A.K. Vigrous Global Trading Ltd 3G-F3A Cyprus  
Alkemie Group Sp. z.o.o. 3G-C1B Poland
Alra Care Products 3G-E2D USA
Amrich Limited 3G-F2A Hong Kong
Apis Nautral Cosmetics 3G-D2B Poland
aromaKidz 3G-F2B Belgium
Aspect Skincare International 3G-B4C Australia
AOGI Group Limited 3G-F1D Hong Kong
Argane Aouzac 3G-D3J Morocco
Aura Beauty Hong Kong Limited 3G-F1A Hong Kong
Australian Skincare 3G-A1C Australia
AVA Cosmetic Laboratory 3G-C1C Poland
Baegayul 3G-A3F Korea
BARWA 3G-C2B Poland
BeautyDJ Company Limited 3G-D1F Hong Kong
Beauty Parade 3G-F1B Hong Kong
Beenigma Skincare 3G-B4L Australia
Bio Signature Health Beautifying Ltd 3G-C3F Macau
Bio-E Australia 3G-B2B Australia
BIONIGREE Sp. z o.o. 3G-D3C Poland
BrighTex Bio-Photonics 3G-E2E USA
BWX Brands 3G-A4A Australia
Cognescenti Pty Ltd 3G-B2A Australia
Collagen Labores 3G-E2F USA
Cosmoderma 3G-D2E Poland
D. K. Industries 3G-F2D India
D.Papamichail And Co L.P. "Nilo" 3G-C1E Greece
Daily Concepts 3G-E2C USA
Dbio, Inc. 3G-A3G Korea
DEA Laboratories Pty Ltd 3G-C3E Australia
diel 3G-A3C Korea
DJ Health Group Pty Ltd 3G-B2C Australia
Easttheory Inc 3G-A3H Korea
Ecovia Intelligence TBC UK
Emu Tracks 3G-B3A Australia
En Sheen Biochemistry Co., Ltd 3G-E1B Taiwan
ESK Care 3G-A2D Australia
Essentiq Ltd 3G-E3B Slovenia (Rep of)
Fine Group Ltd 3G-E1D Hong Kong
G&M Orient Pty Ltd 3G-B4D Australia
Gangwon Technopark 3G-B1C Korea
George & Oliver Company 3G-A2A Japan
Golden8 Skincare 3G-B4E Australia
Green Olive At Red Hill 3G-B4A Australia
Guangzhou Xincheng Biological Science & Technology Co., Ltd 3G-C4A China
Hanmi International Corporation 3G-A3E Korea
Harbor S.p.A. 3G-C2A Italy
Health More 3G-B1A Australia
InfiniteAloe 3G-E2A USA
Isntree Co., Ltd 3G-A3J Korea
Jack N' Jill Kids 3G-B2D Australia
J-in Co Ltd 3G-A3B Korea
K and I Beautian Co., Ltd 3G-A3D Korea
King Vitamins Pty Ltd 3G-C3B Australia
Laboratoires Phyt's 3G-C2E France
Laboratorium Naturella 3G-D3F Poland
Link Natural Products Pvt Ltd 3G-E1E Sri Lanka (Rep of)
Long Lashes 3G-B3F Australia
Maiko Ltd 3G-E3H Israel
Montagne Jeunesse 3G-C2C UK
Nacomi Natural Cosmetics 3G-D2A Poland
Natura Siberica Ltd 3G-C1A Russian Federation
Natural Health Company 3G-B1B Australia
Naturally Australian Tea Tree Oil Pty Ltd 3G-B3G Australia
Naturchem S.L. 3G-E3K Spain
Ne' Skin Care 3G-C3A Australia
Niko Cosmetics 3G-D3H Canada
Nutrisense Co., Ltd. 3G-E1A Taiwan
Orientana 3G-D2F Poland
Pervoe Reshenie LLC 3G-C1A Russian Federation  
Pestle & Mortar 3G-E3C Republic of Ireland
Pro Labo Holdings Co.,Ltd 3G-A1A Japan
Profil Krystyna i Pawel Kosowicz S.J. 3G-D2D Poland
Pure Deo Co. 3G-B3H Australia
Pure Nut 3G-B3J Australia
RBK Nutraceuticals Pty Ltd 3G-B2E Australia
Real Saboaria 3G-E3A Portugal
Resibo 3G-D3B Poland
Rich One Beauty & Health Product Ltd 3G-D1C Hong Kong
Saiseido Biotechnology Co., Ltd 3G-A2C Japan
Sylveco 3G-D3A Poland
Te Mana Skincare New Zealand 3G-B4F New Zealand
Terrai Natural Products 3G-E1H India
The Himalaya Drug Company Pte Ltd 3G-C4C Singapore
The Humble Co 3G-E3D Sweden  
The Path of Health Ltd 3G-E1C Hong Kong
The Rosehip Specialists (HK) Ltd 3G-D1D Hong Kong
Tohtonku Sdn Bhd 3G-C3K Malaysia
Top Asia Marketing Ltd 3G-C4B Hong Kong
Toyohashi Ryoshoku Industry Co., Ltd 3G-E1G Japan
Triumph & Disaster 3G-B3E New Zealand
Truth & Faith International Ltd 3G-D1A Hong Kong
Tuei International Trade Co., Ltd. 3G-A1B Japan
Unimat Riken Corporation 3G-A2B Japan
Vanity Cosmeceutical Sdn Bhd 3G-C3G Malaysia
Vatea Pty Ltd 3G-B3D Australia
Vierra Essence 3G-B3B Australia
Vliss Organics 3G-B4B Australia
Worldsalud Ltd 3G-D1H Hong Kong
YASUMI Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. 3G-D2C Poland
YKL Multi Sdn. Bhd. 3G-C3J Malaysia
Z Lifestyle Pty Ltd 3G-B3C Australia
Zeitun LLC 3G-D3E Russian Federation
Zoya Goes Pretty 3G-D3K Bulgaria





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