Join the new Special Area Clean & Hygiene!

The new exhibit zone "Clean & Hygiene" has been created in response to the current market trends, in view of the need of sanitizing & protective products under the pandemic.

"As the coronavirus outbreak paralyses the global economy, brands are stepping up with innovative and caring strategies that look to help, reassure and connect with fearful consumers...Consumers will look to brand propositions and products with attributes that reflect a sense of safety and security, and they will take a more meaningful perspective on consumption." WGSN, March 2020


The new zone will facilitate buyer’s sourcing as a one-stop-solution.



Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre, 
Hall 1E, Level 1 

  • Dedicated signage including hanging banners and direction signage to be located at the entrance of the HKCEC and at the south entrance (near the escalator) of Hall 1E
  • Customised carpet in the common area

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