Beauty does not stop! It may have been a tough year for the beauty industry, but true beauty knows no rest! Many brands and manufacturers have taken action to support their communities in need.

Cosmoprof is a network of events that involves the whole world, which is now experiencing unprecedented times of major emotional, social and economic impact.

Our strength is from companies, brands and visitors. Here is the time to combine all our expertise and work together across borders, made a show of strength, to confront those challenges.

We want to share the real value of Beauty with our community. We would like to highlight our exhibitors’ initiatives to overcome this situation and support the community.

Here are their stories!


Safeguard 3D Fashion Mask


Safeguard 3D Fashion Mask with a soft texture and high tensile force by using NBR fabric is "Made in Korea" product developed by BLOSSOM M&C, it is produced with one-stop line from fabric manufacturing to production and packaging. The mask removes 99.9% of harmful bacterial caused by sebum and sweat as well as prevents the skin trouble. It also prevents discoloration and aging by light by blocking UV-A and UV-B penetrating the dermis in the skin and it does not cause deformation in the shape in the shape of the product if used multiple times.

Instant Hand Sanitizer


Instant Hand Sanitizer, supplied by Dancoly Cosmetique France Sarl, contains Pure Silver Ion, Aloe Barbadensus Leaf Extract and Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, featuring the function of deep cleansing while protecting your hands from bacteria. This special formulation not only cleans hands entirely, but also moisturizes hands, leaving you a refreshing feeling.

Dermafirm L-Creams


Dermafirm Inc. has donated 720 bottles of Dermafirm L-Creams to the front-line healthcare workers of Massachusetts General Hospital, including 24 department units consisting of doctors, nurses, and staff from COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit, to soothe their skin irritation caused by wearing N95 masks.

Sanitizing Wipes


E & J Korea Co., Ltd supplies the sanitizing wipes ideal to disinfect and kill 99.9 percent of bacteria. (70pcs in barrel).

Portable Hand Sanitizer Pack


PET Bottle with Flip-Top Cap or Mist Sprayer, produced by EC Pack Industrial Limited, is suitable for portable hand sanitizer and alcohol sanitizing spray. The bottle is refillable and recyclable. 

Sanitizer Sachet


The formula, created by Euro Cosmetic Asia Group, combines 75% Alcohol and Hyaluronate that allow to clean thoroughly yet keep moisturizing. An easy packaging of unit-dose sachet allows anywhere, anytime application. While living with social distance, we will back you up with no distance! 



CAREWAY is HFCWO (High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillator) and it is also called airway clearance system. Its purpose is to discharge lung secretions by giving vibrations on patients’ chest. Korust Co., Ltd  supplied the machines to hosiptals in order to help patients infected by COVID-19. 

WellDerma Clean Hand Sanitizer Gel


Quasi-drug approval that needs to be checked when purchasing a hand sanitizer. WellDerma's Clean Hand Sanitizer Gel, supplied by Pamtek Cosmetic Co., Ltd, is a safe product that received quasi-drug approval and it can be used safely by people of all ages and genders. 99.9% of harmful pathogenic bacteria are sterilized simply by applying the product without water or soap, so it is easy and simple to use anywhere and anytime.

Rinse Free Sanitizing Spray


The sanitizing spray, supplied by Sun Sara Cosmetic Co., Ltd, is alcohol free and able to kills 99.9% of MRSA, E.coli, P. aeruginosa, and C. albicans. With the ingredient of Vitamin E, it moisturizes your hands and keep your skin smooth. The spray can be safely applied to multiple texture, sucha as sanitizing the surface of hard objects in hospitals, homes and public areas, full skin surface, surgeries, fabrics and other surfaces of porous objects.