Media Registration

Media registration is limited to registered member of the press or media, which refers to working journalists in print, broadcast and digital media for established trade or consumer publications and media outlets. This includes reporters, writers, editors, producers, photographers and camera crews. 
Media registration will NOT be extended to friends and family of journalists, sales, marketing and advertising executives, industry consultants, public relations professionals (agency or company based), and other non-editorial staff. If you work for an exhibitor, please get an exhibitor badge from your client. 

Notes to Freelancers and Bloggers:

1 Freelancers must have published or broadcast in the past year on topics related to the cosmetics or beauty industry. Clips with your byline or a link to articles with your byline may need to be submitted before approval of your media badge. 
2 Bloggers must have created new content within the past three months on topics related to the cosmetics or beauty industry (product giveaways and contests do not qualify). Bloggers will be asked to provide evidence from a data-tracking service (such as Google Analytics or Blogs will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
3 Bloggers must write for independent websites that contain original, dated editorial content about beauty or business.


Badges will not be mailed before the show and must be picked up on-site in the Press Office. Please present a business card from the media organisation with your name and title. For enquiry, please contact Ms Janice Poon at [email protected]

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