Natural & Organic Symposium

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Brings you the upcoming trends and market forecasts in the natural & organic sector for the beauty industry in 2-day sessions!


Day 1, 14th November, Wednesday



“Sustainability: Introduction and Outlook”
Sustainability has become fashionable in the beauty industry, with a growing number of cosmetic brands making green pledges. With presentation followed by a roundtable, this seminar will show how cosmetic brands are approaching sustainability and what steps they are taking to address their impacts. Seminar details >>

•    Amarjit Sahota, Founder and President, Ecovia Intelligence (UK)



“Halal - Malaysia's Engine of Growth for Cosmetics and Toiletries Industry” 
MATRADE will share information on the market potential and overview of Halal cosmetics in Malaysia, followed by FMM’s introduction to Malaysia’s infrastructure for Halal manufacturing industry and Colgate Palmolive’s best practices in meeting Halal market needs. Seminar details >>
•    Ezzwanee Ahmad, Trade Commissioner, Consulate General of Malaysia – Trade Section (MATRADE)
•    Mawarni Hassan, Committee, Federation of Malaysian Manufacturers – Malaysian Cosmetics and Toiletries Industry Group 
•    Hamidah Minhaj, Director of Global Regulatory Affairs Asia Pacific, Colgate Palmolive Asia Pacific Ltd



“The Faces of Natural and Organic Beauty in 2018” 
Analyst from Euromonitor will set an overview of how global beauty market has evolved, touching on latest consumer trends and competitor landscape in Asia, followed by the drivers of such demand and a few case studies, investigating how Natural & Organic Beauty is demonstrated in mass/prestige sectors. Seminar details >>
•    Yiting Liu, Analyst – Beauty & Fashion, Euromonitor International



Day 2, 15th November, Thursday



“NATRUE LABEL: a high standard helping customers in the growing market for organic cosmetic”
In this presentation, NATRUE will introduce the background of the association, framework of the standard, as well as the NATRUE Label criteria itself. SGS, as a NATRUE approved certifier, will explain the process and procedure necessary to obtain a NATRUE Certificate covering two key topics: Document Verification and Production Audit. Seminar details >>
•    Dr. Mark Smith, Director General, NATRUE (The International Natural and Organic Cosmetic Association)
•    Hubert Brundu, Global Technical Manager, SGS



“Organic Cosmetic Certification: Current Scope and Opportunities” 
There are a number of organic certifiers world-wide and each one certifies cosmetic products to a different set of standards. ACO certifies organic cosmetics under the COSMOS standards. Let's explore the trends and opportunities in the certified organic cosmetics market! Seminar details >>
•    Sachin Ayachit, General Manager, ACO Certification Ltd
•    Wendy Haydon, Trade & Investment Commissioner and Consul (Commercial), Austrade Hong Kong





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