Natural & Organic Symposium


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Brings you the upcoming trends and market forecasts in the natural & organic sectors for the beauty industry in 3 dedicated sessions!

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Session 1:
Global Market for Natural & Organic Cosmetics: Opportunities & Challenges

The most recent market data and trends will be given on the global market for natural & organic cosmetics, with details given on major trends and developments in Europe, North America, and other regions. Where is Asia in the global market? What are the business openings in the Asian market? What openings for Asian brands in other regions?

  • Amarjit Sahota,  President and Founder, Ecovia Intelligence (UK)
  • Robin Brown, Owner, Erbaviva (USA)
  • Jorge Larranaga,  Deputy Director, Manufacturing Division, Number Three Company (Japan)

Session 2: 
Marketing and Distribution Best-Practices

This seminar gives case studies of natural & organic cosmetic brands that are successful in the international arena. The case studies will show how the brands are successful in the marketing of their products. What marketing activities do they undertake? What distribution outlets are most effective? What are key pointers for other brands looking at the lucrative natural & organic cosmetics market?

  • Angela Buglass,  CEO, Trilogy (New Zealand)
  • Jeanne Christensen, International Development Director, Lea Nature (France)
  • Claire Frelin, Area Manager Cosmetics Asia Pacific, Lea Nature (Hong Kong) 
  • Jurgen Neumeier,  Director International Business, Kneipp (Germany)

Session 3:
Insights into the Green Consumer

Consumer research will be presented on the green consumer. What do they look for in natural & organic cosmetics? How can brands better target marketing activities at the green consumer?

  • Professor Jonathan Wong, Director, Hong Kong Organic Resource Center Certification (Hong Kong) 
  • Michael Lee, Vice President, FMCG and Retailer Verticals, Nielsen (Hong Kong)

 Amarjit Sahota, President and Founder, Ecovia Intelligence (UK)

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