The Latest Trends and Digital Technology of K-Beauty
  • Date:

    13 Nov 2019

  • Time:

    14:00 - 15:30

  • Location:

    CosmoTalks Stage 2 (Hall 5C, HKCEC)

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Language: Korean (with simultaneous interpretation in English)
In this seminar for the “Country of Honor 2019”, you will get insights on the rapidly changing, current and future trends of Korean Beauty. Guest speakers from the Korea Cosmetic Association and a leading cosmetics company specializing in the AI beauty market are invited to share their stories. Join us to explore the latest trends of K-Beauty and discover how this industry is being impacted by digital technology. 


Part 1: “Korean Beauty at Cosmoprof Asia 2019”

In the last decade, K-beauty has successfully cracked the international beauty market. K-beauty has achieved its position as a trendsetter, winning the hearts of Asian consumers. Last year, Korea exported 6.2 billion USD of cosmetics to 130 countries, the 4th largest in the world after France, the USA and Germany. In Cosmoprof Asia, you will be attracted by lure of amazing Korean cosmetics.

Presented by:
Han Jong-Min
Global Regulatory Affair Team
Korea Cosmetic Association (KCA)

Part 2: “Beauty Meets Technology - AI Solution for the Beauty Market with skin's Big Data”
AI and Big Data will bring innovation of personalization and retail in the beauty industry and skin data will be a core for next generation of beauty industry.
LUMINI combined Artificial Intelligence and Big Data technologies in real life to help users experience the benefits of technologies and lead a better life by providing real-time data. In particular, the user can track the skin changes caused by effects of skin care products and lifestyle based on the data. 
In addition, it helps to find the best product that suits the user, and manage the user's skin in a healthier way. As the user's skin data is accumulated in a few years, AI can not only provide diverse skin care solutions and recommendation on the right products, but it can also provide personalized dietary products and predict the user’s future skin and lifestyle status in a much more accurate way. 
Presented by:
Yongjoon Choe