Ezra Aini


Ezra Aini, only 33 years old is the COO of Makari De Suisse, a skincare brand that specializes in diversity, which was the first of its kind and has built a global following and a fiercely loyal customer base during its 25 years in business. Ezra grew up in the skincare world, his family having started Makari in 1995 after noticing the lack of representation for people of color in the industry. 

He worked in the family store for several years in his youth and eventually took over the role as COO, managing Makari across the globe from our headquarters in NYC. There have been huge changes in the beauty world over the last 25 years and having grown up with beauty all around him Ezra was mostly focused on the business world and when the opportunity came to take over the family business, he became a force in the beauty world. He is excited about the future of Makari and taking the brand even further all while treating skin and addressing skin concerns.