Kris Fang is a driving force behind the success of Proya Cosmetics. As the Europe CEO and Group Head of International, he is responsible for a wide range of crucial initiatives, including the acquisition of international beauty brands and the post-acquisition management of the invested companies. With his efforts, Kris is also working towards increasing the global reach and visibility of the Proya group through the deployment of its brands internationally.

Kris’s extensive experience in the cosmetic industry and unparalleled understanding of the Chinese and international markets make him a highly valuable asset to Proya. His expertise in M&A and post-M&A management have allowed him to seamlessly integrate and grow new brands within the group, thereby contributing to its continued growth.

His deep-rooted passion for the cosmetic industry and his unwavering commitment to bridging the gap between China and the rest of the world have established Kris as a leading figure in the field. His innovative thinking, hard work, and determination are instrumental in shaping the future of the cosmetics industry and ensuring the ongoing success of Proya Cosmetics.