Alyssa Lim


Alyssa is a certified aromatherapist and Master Trainer for the Malaysian Signature Massage, Urutan Malaysia. She was a charter member of the Association of Malaysian Spas (AMSPA) in 2007. Today, Alyssa is the co-founder of Inner Peace Spa Consultancy and Academy, one of the largest spa and wellness academy in Sabah producing local talents from Borneo. Besides her business, Alyssa is actively involved in serving the community through the Lions Club International platform as the District Chairperson Leo, Sabah, and FT Labuan for 2 terms. By holding a very meaningful quote in her early days in community works “Making a Difference”, it inspires her to follow her dream with her company tagline “Together We Empower”.Today, her company had provided job opportunities for over 350 youths into the spa and wellness industry because she believes in nurturing local talents.