Johanna Monange


Johanna Monange began to sense that all-too familiar undertone lurking throughout her 25-year career in the luxury perfume industry. Her inspiring career saw her work alongside renowned noses and designers, as she devoted her life to developing perfumes for luxury brand designers such as Armani (Acqua di Gioia), Paco Rabanne (One Million), YSL (La Nuit de L’Homme), Victor and Rolf (Flower Bomb, Spices Bomb), Lancome (La Vie est Belle)… and yet in this seemingly beautiful and glamorous world, there was something deeply wrong for her! The creativity was lost and the designers couldn’t express themselves anymore.

Johanna didn’t fall in love with scent to churn out common cheap perfumes that try to keep just everyone happy, lacking passion and distinction. Something needed to change, and it was time to break free to create Maison 21G, a house of scents designers, cutting all traditional intermediaries. A place where any human being can express their creativity and unique personality through scents, creating outstanding perfumes that really reflect who they are, with the highest quality of ingredients, education, experience and sustainability at its core.