Josie Donaldson


Josie Donaldson is a fully qualified Clinical Aromatherapist, Kinesiologist, counsellor, nutritionist and shamanic healer.

Josie set up The Muscle Clinic in Morpeth, Northumberland in 1994 after moving from London.

She quickly established a successful clinic treating people from all over the UK and Europe, selling good quality essential oils and made-to-measure remedies specific to people’s symptoms.

 She started her research in Biochemical Aromatherapy while she was working at the Head Injury unit of the local cottage hospital and the breast cancer unit in Blyth. She has since developed her research by working on Cerebral Palsy patients and people with MS and ME.

Josie is a principal teacher and examiner of the IFA (International Federation of Aromatherapists) and has travelled to Japan, China and Finland in this capacity.

She started her own training school called N.E.S.A (The North East School of Aromatherapy) in 2006 

Josie travels extensively all over the UK and abroad teaching workshops on Biochemical Aromatherapy and Psychological Aromatherapy. She has written two successful books called ‘The Psychological Aspects of Essential Oils’ and ‘Why Do My Muscles Hurt’ which sells very well all over the world from Amazon.

She hosts a successful website where she keeps in contact with people and Aromatherapists all over the world.

Josie is the chair of the IFA where she aims to promote the healing potential of Aromatherapy to the wider public and to promote scientific research within the industry.