Bassem AbuRugaieh


A Jordanian entrepreneur and a registered patent innovator in the field of sustainable inventory systems designed for a greener environment. The Cofounder and CEO of Embrace Health for trading, a multinational company with a global footprint spanning New York, Italy, Bahrain, and his home country, Jordan, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise in promoting sustainable business practices. Eng. AbuRugaieh is also the visionary Cofounder of DERMALISCIO, an global Swiss-Italian trademark of safe, effective, and high-quality Innovative Cosmetics that make you believe beauty is everywhere if one is brave enough to claim it. 

He empowers individuals through DERMALISCIO to wear self-confidence that radiates from within, offering products of skincare, haircare, and makeup. With his profound knowledge and commitment to clean beauty, he is poised to enlighten us on the transformative power of embracing clean and sustainable practices in the world of beauty.