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To keep our industry peers and community inspired, Cosmoprof Asia will host “Cosmotalks - The Virtual Series” in the coming months before the 25th Anniversary of Cosmoprof Asia in November 2020! Topics covering post-crisis strategy and market trends, sign up and join us!


Upcoming Webinars

Understanding the requirements of public-use hand sanitizer for importing into EU and US

Understand hand sanitizers from product classification, compliance requirement, labelling and efficacy substantiation for US and EU markets.  

How to classify the product type of hand sanitizer?
a.    Biocide product vs OTC product
b.    Legal background of regulations in EU and US
c.    Labelling requirement

How to substantiate its disinfectant efficacy?
a.    Lab test and test standard





On-Demand Webinars

In Science We Trust: The Return of Medical Credentialism

Consumer demands and expectations are evolving more rapidly than expected in 2020, due to the global health crisis. While sustainability remains one of the key drivers for making purchase decisions, scientific credentialism is expected to take center stage for years to come. The main challenge will be to make products safe and efficient, yet also to offer more sustainable and cleaner solutions.  

From scientifically-backed traditional Eastern medicine via the science of epigenetics and multi-biotics, BEAUTYSTREAMS will map out future ingredient and claim territories that will resonate with consumers craving true efficiency. 

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Mapping the impact of C-19 on Beauty & The world thereafter

APAC Industry Snapshot, C-19 Impact, Changing consumer behaviour due to Covid-19, and beauty in the post covid world.


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Boom in E-Commerce under COVID-19: a significant channel in China cosmetics market

Through this webinar, you will learn more about e-commerce in China: market, regulation and registration. We will help you to prepare for the surge to come!

  • E-commerce in China – not only a new trend
  • Supervision on E-commerce – no longer a messy market
  • Faster cosmetics registration – act fast and prepare for the opportunity 


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