25th Edition

16 - 18 NOVEMBER 2022

"King" vacancy: Pro-Xylane stands out and continues to be selected by many brands

In August 2021, when the former whitening ”King” 377 was restricted from being added, many brands switched directions to jointly explore the next effective ingredient. Pro-Xylane stood out and was pushed to the “King” position. According to the data from Launchmetrics KOL Analytics platform, once the news came out, two months later in October, there was obviously the first wave of product promotion that mentioned Pro-Xylane.

Overview Ranking of Top 10 Pro-Xylane Containing Product Brands

Regarding the number of KOLs and the frequency of posts, we could conclude that although the marketing methods of the leading brands are different, they still have the common point of cooperating with a large number of KOLs. By comparison, domestic brands – though slightly lacking in the number of co-bloggers – have formed a closer relationship with KOLs.

On the other hand, when selecting KOLs, brands primarily consider their authority, that is, whether they can carry out professional knowledge popularization and efficacy introduction. Then the secondary consideration is long-term promoting cooperation with Micro-tier KOLs and KOCs.

Case study: Pro-Xylane Product Promotion

L'Oreal : Continuous Iterative Renewal & Integrated Marketing

As the flagship ingredient of L ‘Oreal Group, Pro-Xylane has become the main ingredient of many products such as the Revitalift Filler Eye Cream before the new regulation came into practice. The brand makes full use of the influence of young celebrities; KOLs in different tiers and categories; public welfare activities to successfully topped the list with a Total MIV® of ¥101M through integrated marketing of various channels.

Helena Rubinstein : Over 10 Years of Industry Pioneer & Loyal Supporter

Adopting advanced technology, HR has been faithfully supporting Pro-Xylane series products and rapidly adjusts its marketing direction based on the new regulations. By means of applying the unique mode of “professional science popularization + close to GenZ”, the brand chooses KOLs of various fields while invites the top-tier bloggers to live-stream. Meanwhile, the promotional video topics on Douyin mainly targets GenZ as the main audience, such as ”Fight fake besties wisely” and “Secrets of dating young boy”.

Yue-Sai :Increase Ingredient Concentration

Since last summer, YueSai has been continuously promoting Pro-Xylane products such as the Rejuvenate Cordyceps Quintessence Jade series, and invited 1400+ KOLs and KOCs for promotion. In terms of the promotional content, Pro-Xylane is described as the Ace ingredient of the group to be added into the YueSai RCQJ series products at a high concentration. From the perspective of clip coupons, the KOLs created the perception that the Ace ingredient is sold at a fairly low price , and if you don’t buy it, a great deficit may occur.

Case study: Pro-Xylane Product Promotion

In order to timely follow up the new regulations of relevant departments and market trends, brands need to adjust the product composition and online publicity strategies as soon as possible, and then select the appropriate publicity mode according to their own characteristics to join the burgeoning new wave of Pro-Xylane. In addition, brands can cooperate with professional KOLs for long-term promotion, through technical comparison to prove the importance of safe skincare, and effectively enhance the exposure.


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